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Inner Forest Service

Issue One

October 2021

(the poems do not appear correctly on phones)

Jake Skeets

Searching for Truth in the Morning

Brenda Hillman

6 Views of  Moss  Dendroalsia Abietinum

Patricia Zylius

Bright Water

Ellery Akers

Love Poem: Wildfire Evacuation

Aja Couchois Duncan

from Wild Kin

Daniela Naomi Molnar

chorus 21 / Ojito Canyon / storm

chorus 2

Lisa Olstein

Mystery School

As for Real Wolves


Philip Metres

Dusk Prelude


Noah Ross

[landscape lines the graph of this particulate of matter]


Sarah Audsley

Orographic Lift

Alan Chazaro

On the Way to Ojai

Red Cloud Litany

Forrest Gander & Jack Shear

from KNOT

Sally Keith

from Abecedarian

Cindy Milwe

Rainy Morning: Big Sur


Kym Martindale & Harriet Tarlo 

from Redmires Rivelin Wyming


Iain Haley Pollock

The Abrupt Edge

Abigail Chabitnoy

If the Seabed Shakes in the Gulf of Alaska

Love Like a Body Carried to Shore

Root Glacial Under Arms

Contributor Bios

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