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Inner Forest Service

Chris Kerr is a writer, artist, and parent who has headed the School of Literary Arts at Oakland School for the Arts and now directs Round Weather, a nonprofit art gallery that raises funds for organizations and activists who mitigate the climate crisis.  Chris founded and edited Projector, the magazine of creative response to film, and Nomenclatter, a one-of-a-kind literary journal where a workshop live-tweeted its writing advice and published the resulting poems monthly.  He has organized events that bridge artistic disciplines for the Berkeley Art Museum, Rock Paper Scissors Collective, the Roxie Theater, and SFMOMA; performed their poems at Aggregate Space, a.Muse Gallery, and Art & Music in the Gardens

at Lake Merritt; and displayed her language-based artwork at E.M. Wolfman, MacArthur Annex, and Merritt College's climate crisis exhibition Cherish and Resist.  Poems and stories by Chris appear in Eleven Eleven, The New Review of Literature, Sugar Mule, Work, and here:  

Elledge Peak

                                                                              Lightning strikes a valley oak
                                                                              and ants vanish from a branch

                                                                              above outstretched stems and blades

                                                                              of a California fescue—burst of soil—

                                                                              bluegreen cloud casting up sunshafts.

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