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Root Glacial Under Arms

Abigail Chabitnoy


Skip to the end      sound the sides


                             walls give way to stones

for crossing


She took a rock from each last place she had been

smoothed mud     her palm

other seeds

                          for beginning


At 3 meters per day how long will it take

to reach the beach      or the women

rise tide

                             touch gray, watch


the hard lines give


(glacial isn’t such a slow pace after all—)


                                                              Ugnerkami miskiiRiat amleritaartut.*


                                                                                             Even spiders

                                                                      skip stones into the melting

                                                                                         even at the end


                                                                                     the thread undoes


And when the beds dried the green had lost

its lust                           and the mauve was merely

brown. Sea change: gray the water


                                                     and gaping, refuse of

                                                     extraction      (our. last/

                                                                                not last)


We must assume they observe

what we are doing—


Signs were missed. what did you think was breaking


in the caves        cavities

                              collecting sound/



Weave the summer blades

water tight

We begin each time

                                                                                                 with a flood.



* In the spring there are many spiders.

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