The Inner Forest Service

To align one's attention to a widening recognition of habitat.  To frequently read the imaginative, the metaphoric, the philosophic, the lyrical engages more of our mental attributes and inner traces left by the senses, which can awaken one to ecological aspects of identity.  

To resist the futility with which many people, even the usually optimistic, progressive, and can-do, now talk about humanity’s future.  It’s as if they’ve preemptively zoomed through the stages of grief—moved past denial (“climate change won’t be that bad; we can totally adapt”), past anger (cursing oil companies), past bargaining (advocating cap and trade), and straight into depression and acceptance.  Such despair is a psychological state—a mental greenhouse gas—that we must remedy.  In this poetry can be instrumental.

To take heart against doom. 

To generate and gather restorative language.